“Simon Says for Adults!”

This professional intensive on listening skills is anything but a kiddie game!

Milo is best known for his motivational speaking and his public speaking coaching via Zoom worldwide,
but this fun variation gives us a chance to play at how good we are at listening!

Bring the whole room to life with “Simon Sez” − more fun decades later and a total crowd pleaser!

The game is more of a challenge than ever. Why? Because being a good listener is still tricky, especially when our “grown-up” tricks to hide that won’t work here.

A great way to remind ourselves that paying attention is still a challenge for everyone… but easier to face when we can laugh at ourselves.

We know the basics:

  • Only do the thing Milo commands IF he starts with “Simon Says.”
  • And what if Milo’s actions don’t match his words? Do what he says; not what he does.

Nothing to it, right? Ha! Not when we big kids are always pre-expecting to protect ourselves!

Winning might feel like a goal for the full room of contestants, but the joy and enthusiasm that fills the room makes the event planner the real winner.

This short program isn’t a speech, but as the clip reel shows, Milo’s opening not only excites them for what lies ahead, but plants seeds to consider how the game reflects the way we all listen and expect to be heard.

The video features a group of 500 retail owners in the flooring industry being funneled down to twenty on-stage contestants and a single winner in the end.

What organizations are saying

“The raves continue on your valuing appropriately taken risk and dealing with the feelings around it.”
Southwest Airlines

“Your message really inspired us to take risks on new ideas without fearing failure.”
Wellpoint Blue Cross

“Four stars! We wanted something funny, topical, and valuable and you fit the bill beautifully.”

“At a pretty early hour, you had my people laughing and tapping into creativity… ready to be at their best for the challenges of the conference.”
Hilton Hotels

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"Simon Says…
for Adults!"

Listening skills are critical! Milo's mini-program brings back this classic, fast-paced game to wake up your crowd.

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