Your Folks Become the Improv Entertainment!

What if the entertainers at your event were also your staff? But what talent do they have? We’ll see – in this fun option we call “Improv – The Home Edition”.

There are a number of ways to spin this. One way is that we meet with a handful of your staff and drill them in a handful of games that they can master in time for the event. They don’t have to be great at every game; just good enough at one or two that we can get them to perform it. Will they be as good as the folks on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Of course not! But just the fact that it’s Tina from Accounting playing up there with Pedro from Legal…that makes it twice as funny.

A few groups have had us teach the games to them on the spot in front of the audience and they just give them a try. This is a little slower and a little riskier than the first way, but if you know you’ve got a bunch of cards on your team and they’d be up for it, let’s discuss!

Lastly, we can offer an option where about a third of the show is performance by IMPROVentures, a third is audience volunteers coming up, and a third is the whole room playing at their tables.

So “Whose Line” is it this time? Definitely yours!

Milo Shapiro

“With little prep time and without really knowing us, you created an amazing and unforgettable evening − using my own people!”

Techmer PM

Classic Improv Show

Classic Improv Show

A small troupe of experienced improvisers create spontaneous fun.

Audience suggestions are used in the scene...and occasionally audience members, too!

Duo Improv Keynote

Duo Improv Keynote

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The "top ten" format of our duo (or trio) show is improv entertainment with a business message tying it all together.

Motivational Speech

Motivational Speech

Milo blends stories, info, and games into a highly-interactive motivational keynote program with improv play.

Energize your conference and share valuable life lessons.

professional improvisers

Your Folks

We turn your staff into the entertainment at your event... either on their own or blended with professional improvisers.

Simon Says for adults

Simon Sez

Okay, not technically improv, but still a lot of fun with everyone up from their seats and laughing at themselves!

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