How is a TEAMprovising event created for my team?
Reaching out through our contact form is best since it prompts you for the information we’ll need to be as prepared as possible for your call. That said, calling fine, too, by finding the number on the contact page. If you have to leave a message, please share as many of these as you can at this time:

  • Your city/state/timezone (aids in returning your call)
  • Event city (if different)
  • Date (even roughly)
  • Approximate headcount for event
  • Event location

IMPROVentures is happy to work with you on events anywhere a car, train, or plane reaches, but do be aware that we are based in San Diego, CA.

What if my attendees aren't actually a business team?
Wonderful! It might alter the syllabus some to help you reach your goals, but education through play is powerful in many settings and the takeaways are beneficial to all kinds of organizations.  TEAMprovising can even be switched up to be more of a game festival than a learning experience if you like, making it fun for events that are primarily social.
How long is the workshop?
The entire “TEAMprovising” class is a 6-hour program.

If you cannot make the much time work for your program, just let us know. We’ve done many programs between 2 and 5 hours, too. For less than two hours, we recommend our interactive keynote program instead − see our speaker page.

Who teaches “TEAMprovising”?
Since 2000, every TEAMprovising event has been led by Milo. Smaller groups can be Milo alone; for larger groups, Milo has several experienced colleagues that he can bring aboard, especially for events from San Diego to Los Angeles area. Beyond that geography, talk to us about options for more staff.

Additional staff makes it possible to give personal attention more effectively when attendees play games in pairs. It also allows Milo to split the group for some of the big-group activities. Also important, with multiple teachers, we can show what’s to be done in exercises, instead of using longer explanations. Lastly, additional staff also allows a teacher to partner with someone if we find we have an uneven number of attendees or, as often happens, if someone simply must step away for a period of time.

What if this feels silly for my serious folks?
Our video sometimes raises that concern because that group was quite vivacious, but TEAMprovising is adapted on the fly to the energy Milo finds in the room. He has spent many years recognizing, as the event goes on, which types of activities are likely to succeed with these individuals. From accountants to call centers, from librarians to high-tech engineers, TEAMprovising has succeeded…often far exceeding the energy that the hiring boss ever foresaw!
Can I print a brochure for TEAMprovising for a co-workers?
Sending him/her to our website is often the best option, but you certainly can print or email our PDF brochure by clicking “Brochure” on the blue menu bar above.
Where do I find the cost?
Cost takes into account numerous issues, so it is not possible to just list them here.  Considerations include:

  • Attendee count
  • Program length
  • Travel from San Diego to your airport (and beyond, if event is far from airport)
  • Whether spending a night in your site city is recommendable
  • Number of support staff needed for your group size

The more info you can provide in your message or first call, the sooner we can come up with pricing for you. Also, if you know your budget, this can be extremely helpful so that we only discuss options at or below that number.

Will we have to be as crazy as the guys on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"
Not at all. Those are pros and the bar is set totally differently. But we do promise that when Gloria from accounting and Jose from your I.T. group take their shot at the games, it’ll be way fun for everyone just because it’s so outside the box for them to do so.

Since 2000, hundreds of clients have chosen Milo, including: