“We Gotta Fail… To Succeed!”

Fun + Interactive = Memorable!

Milo’s motivational speech on our relationship with risk & change that gets the whole audience playing!

No one likes to fail, but those who can face risk with the right spirit are more likely to thrive, creating long-term successful progress for themselves and their organizations.

This program (Milo’s most often booked) blends entertaining stories, inspirational ideas, and improvisation games that the attendees play right in their seats. Through play − one of the most powerful and underutilized tools of learning − your people inadvertently focus upon their comfort with risk, uncertainty, and sometimes failure. Within the fun of playing with colleagues, important lessons emerge in a non-threatening way, leading to changes back on the job (and sometimes even at home!)

When people feel safer to be innovative, even when that could lead to change or risk, the potential benefits soar! The fun and easy improv exercises lead to great laughter in the room while creating eye-opening “aha’s” for individuals.

Milo’s tales range from personal to historical to business, all leading up to his explanation of how the ability to improvise helps in the business world in areas like:

  • Better communication
  • Stronger innovation
  • Quicker adaptation to the unexpected
  • Courage to speak up
  • More confidence in trying new ideas

When we build an environment where teams celebrate greatness in themselves and each other, rather than demanding perfection, innovative flourishes and greater successes are achieved overall in a less stressful setting.

Note: As many planners are intrigued by the interaction aspect, the video shows more of this than the speech part. If afterward you’d like to view more of his speaking in action, we can help with this.

What organizations are saying

“An excellent speaker who made his points quite effectively…incorporating material that was directly relevant and obviously customized for my team, which was much appreciated.”

“The message was right on target [with] fun and interactive delivery.”

“Such a hit!  People were texting me during the speaker after you to say how much fun they had with your ‘We Gotta Fail…To Succeed!'”
Young Marines of America

“The raves continue on your valuing appropriately taken risk and dealing with the feelings around it.”
Southwest Airlines

Milo’s four most requested keynote speaker programs:

keynote speaker, Milo Shapiro

"We Gotta Fail
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Highly-interactive fun in a keynote about our relationships with risk, change, and even failing sometimes.

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The Fast Lane"

An improv duo creates a full entertainment show where their ten games prove ten business points for your attendees.

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"Public Speaking:
Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!”

Highly-interactive fun in a keynote about our relationships with risk, change, and even failing sometimes.

Presentation skills speech

"Simon Says…
for Adults!"

Listening skills are critical! Milo's mini-program brings back this classic, fast-paced game to wake up your crowd.

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