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“Business Advantage”: Staged interviews to create video for your web needs

You, interviewed by Milo Shapiro

Would we have watched all of Oprah’s guests without Oprah’s participation?  Probably not!  Good interviews grab us: Interaction, different voices, spontaneous comments…it’s more stimulating!

Rather than posting yet another video of yourself just talking, let our host Milo Shapiro interview you about your business − as a guest on his Zoom show: “Business Advantage“.  Then post it on social media, add it to your website, direct people to your YouTube page and more!  Milo helps you work out good questions and keeps the recording lively.

We can also do interviews to promote your book, your non-profit, your mission, etc.  For that, we re-name the program, so you’re being interviewed on “In The Spotlight” instead.

See example videos below, where satisfied clients now have these interviews for their own usage.

Interview with Dave Sheets

“Become an Author OR Have Your Book Written For You!”

The interview format made the time fly by and I just enjoyed answering Milo’s questions while he did all the work behind it.  This was terrific!

About Milo

Milo has been a motivational speaker since 2002 and a public speaking skills coach since 2004.  (More about Milo).

For more info and rates, e-mail Milo with your name, phone(s), If you have one, include your website and/or LinkedIn profile.  (Link-in with Milo, too!)

See more video examples below!

Interview with Kelly Taylor

Smart Solar Design Construction:
“Crisis in the Future of California Solar Energy”

When I can get people to watch this concise nine-minute interview, it saves me about 15 minutes of explanation every time and people come to the call more ready to buy.  So glad we did this!

Interview with Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan Photography:
Headshots vs. Personal Branding Photos.

I put off doing videos for a long time, but Milo was amazing at planning the interview and executing it.
I am so happy with the results and have gotten great feedback from friends and clients.

Interview with Sandra De La Rosa

Certified Aromatherapist:
“The Power of Essential Oils”

People told me they watched the whole thing, despite the length.  The interview format really pulled them in.

Interview with Margo Garcia

Great Leader Coaching:
“Busy is the New Lazy”

This was easy and fun!  I never had to look at notes because you kept everything moving through what we’d prepared.

Interview with Angela Lapin

“The Science of Essential Oils”

This made me feel special and professional.  I love when people tell me they watched it!

The next video could be YOU!

For more info and rates, e-mail Milo with your name, phone(s), If you have one, include your website and/or LinkedIn profile.
(Link-in with Milo, too!)

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