“Laugh in the Fast Lane!”

Humorous Duo/Trio Entertainment with Meaning!

Our main video of this classic, in-person, duo program:

…or see us below, more recently, presenting via Zoom for the Boeing aerospace company.
Great for your remote event OR on a big screen live for your in-person audience, instead of flying us in!

The improvisation keynote show that conveys business principles through fun.

While this program is frequently done as business entertainment, with just a little twist, it can be far more about the entertainment and far less about the message.

This is our presentation where you watch ten improvisation games prove ten points on a theme we’ve chosen with you. When there’s no business need, the theme is simply getting along with other people, which works great for entertainment.

Audiences love the fun but with the theme running through it, it’s more than just memorable entertainment. Our duo (or trio) called The IMPROVfessionals brings home these life lessons and the fun is what roots them. The laughter makes this work for events like a holiday party. The fun is amplified as audience suggestions are used in each scene. The whole audience gets to play in one of the later games, boosting the fun!

All ten of our points will be supported by a story and/or an improv game. How do these games share life messages? Here’s one example: One of our commonly used points is “Quality Results Can’t Be Rushed.” For this one, the duo plays the game “Half Time” where we do a decent quality scene in one minute based on an audience idea. Then we have to repeat the scene, but in only 30 seconds. Then 15 seconds. Then 8, then 4, then 2! The fun is watching the quality go downhill as we try our best under these crazy restraints.

All of the fun of ten improv games, tied together with a theme, make this a great, tight show.

“Five stars! We wanted something funny, topical, and valuable and you fit the bill beautifully.”


“We have to have you back next year!”

City of San Diego, Housing Commission

“Rare to find an event that is such a hoot and also supports our business goals.”

Cox Communications

“Fun, clear, and helpful while being thoroughly enjoyable.”


Classic Improv Show

Classic Improv Show

A small troupe of experienced improvisers create spontaneous fun.

Audience suggestions are used in the scene...and occasionally audience members, too!

Duo Improv Keynote

Duo Improv Keynote

Our most popular entertainment offering!

The "top ten" format of our duo (or trio) show is improv entertainment with a business message tying it all together.

Motivational Speech

Motivational Speech

Milo blends stories, info, and games into a highly-interactive motivational keynote program with improv play.

Energize your conference and share valuable life lessons.

professional improvisers

Your Folks

We turn your staff into the entertainment at your event... either on their own or blended with professional improvisers.

Simon Says for adults

Simon Sez

Okay, not technically improv, but still a lot of fun with everyone up from their seats and laughing at themselves!

Since 2000, hundreds of clients have chosen IMPROVentures, including: