“Milo, you took me from fear in speaking to my co-workers to delivering powerfully and confidently to admirals, congressmen, and White House staff. Our coaching together changed the trajectory of my career. Thank you!!!”
Ellen Motoi

US Coast Guard

HEAR from Milo’s past clients in this video.  (More written testimonials below)

“In just our first meeting, you showed me how my main story and points would be more effective just by changing the order in which I told them and changing slightly which points I stressed. So simple once I saw it, but it took the fresh perspective and experience you brought to help me identify improvements. That same story now catches the audience’s attention from the start.”
Lee Krevat, San Diego Gas & Electric

“We brought you in to help make two of our key people look more ‘prepared, polished, and powerful’ (as you often say) when they need to speak.  Well, you’ve done just that!  you have transformed how these two managers come across.  Neither did a bad job before, but now there’s an excitement and a spark to them when they are up there that holds everyone’s attention.”

Jeff Villani, VP of HR, Hyatt Hotels

“What we do is indeed highly technical. Your playful approach and willingness to dig into my material yielded not only better delivery on my part, but a far better program for me to deliver. Incorporating just a little humor with your help, making better use of my visuals, and redoing my opening were just a few of the factors that made this presentation more successful for me.”
Marcio de Andrade, SPAWAR

“My speech was a real hit!   With your help, I was able to get 500 women learning, laughing, and on their feet for a standing ovation!  Most importantly, I was able to share my stories running the range of emotion from desperation to exhilaration; it was authentic; it was me.”
Liz Goodgold, Red Fire Branding

“I have gotten many reports already about the improved quality of their presentations since our session. They are also reporting very positive feedback from their audiences that they weren’t getting before…The advice you gave each presenter on my team was so varied, but spot on for that person.  I could see the nods in the room as you were speaking.”

Jennifer Clecker, Covidien

“Although I’ve been a full time professional speaker for almost 16 years, I still found your feedback during our coaching session quite valuable.   Your advice on how to kick off my presentation more powerfully by jumping right in — without the ‘good morning’ preamble — allowed me to make my subsequent presentations more crisp and impactful.”

TEDx Speaker, Sarita Maybin

“I now know easy secrets that make presentations look good. Together, we pruned down the talk to sharpen the message, added touches to better hold attention, and worked on my delivery.  The work was extremely helpful…I stood up, cracked out my introduction, got their attention, and with the preparation behind me and a great message before me, I couldn’t believe how smoothly the delivery went and how much fun it was. I had many, many compliments afterward; the best was a leader who came up to me and said I made him “proud to be in this field.”
Dr. John Reed

UC San Diego

“I’ve incorporated his ideas and it is making a big impact on my audience enjoying and probably retaining more of the program…Thank you to Milo who really looks at things with an eye for style, not just content – he can help anyone with ideas on how to improve what they already are doing.”

Jennifer Sedlock, professional speaker

“Within a few weeks these [7 pairs of] employees were visibly improving their communication and presentation skills. They were able to apply the enhanced skills to actual client situations almost immediately. And their enhanced skills were noticed by the company CEO during a subsequent client presentation.”
John Hartman, President of MEA-Digital

“I had no idea how much having a coach could make a difference but I’m sure glad I found out!…Your tricks for breaking down the section that I was most struggling with memorizing allowed me to recite the section accurately for the first time. And once I’d done it once, I could let go of that ‘I can’t do this!’ feeling that I now know was stopping me.”

Kara Sandler, Interactive Company Broadcast TV

“I’ve participated in many programs on speaking skills over the years, but this was my first time trying individual executive coaching on the topic − and what a difference!  Your working directly with me advanced my knowledge and abilities to a level that group lessons never could. The one-on-one approach allowed you to focus solely in areas where I needed development as a CEO speaking to my organization.”
Dr. John Jenrette, CEO, Sharp Community Medical Group

“I was excited by how quickly you identified specific ways that I could both fix issues that I had and help me play up my talents in other areas.  Whether I’m doing a light presentation or a serious medical one now, I am applying your Four Steps to Successful Speech Structure and working that handout on the 7 Variants of Vocal Variety.  The difference is tremendous.”
Dr. Virgil Hilliard, Kaiser Permanente Hospitals

“When the changes at a client presentation were notable after only the second session, though, we knew we were on to something in working with you and Public Dynamics. You’ve read our general business needs well, zeroed in quickly on where the issues are for these three people, put them at ease, and are clearly helping them progress…all with a rather light-hearted approach to a serious topic.”
Todd Juneau, Sr. VP, Aviatech

“Until I started my speech coaching work with you, I had no idea how much more effective my presentation skills could become!  Our work together with both improv (to boost my flexibility and creativity) and rehearsal (to make planned material sound like I was speaking off the top of my head) has absolutely paid off.

“QVC staff have told me that, on the air, I’m now appearing much more likeable, convincing, and interesting while talking about pretty much the same topics I was before.  Your ability to help me find what’s interesting and speak its truth in an articulate manner that suits MY style boosted our sales within weeks.”

Koort Wallien, President

Robertas Gardens

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