“Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!”

Learn to be prepared, polished, and powerful whenever you speak!

Good presentation skills can have a huge payoff. Whether it shows up in good teamwork, loyal leadership, sharp sales work, or remarkable customer service, solid communication skills can make or break organizational goals. We’ve all walked out of a meeting thinking, “Shoot, I just didn’t get all of that…and I need that info!” What is the cost of that? And it’s so preventable with the right tools and a little effort!

The ability to hold an audience’s attention, inform them accurately, and potentially persuade them is paramount in effective business. Let’s start fresh and learn how to do this!

As you learn more about public speaking skills, you’ll enjoy a fun, well-rounded, experiential program, featuring highlights from Milo’s book by the same name.


With his light-hearted approach, teaching more from story than lecture, areas covered will include:

  • Using stories to teach more effectively than instruction
  • Letting your body be a tool to create images
  • The 7 ways to apply vocal variety
  • The kick-butt structure that grabs attention and holds it
  • Tips on preventing audience drift and distress
  • Q&A ideas to ease the stress and yield success

And you’ll enjoy your time with Milo so much that all this actionable learning will feel like a bonus!

What organizations are saying

“An A++ — not just an A!…We present in front of groups of physicians which can create pretty tense situations.  The tools presented in this session were clear, concise and can be used by all.  The learning was fun, and creative…memorable and likely to be useful in real life situations.”
Sharp Healthcare

“Milo made this one hour mini-workshop well worth the cost of the entire seminar. He captured the attention of the attendees and held it throughout.”
Int'l Assoc. of Administrative Professionals

“Inside of 15 minutes, those morning blahs were behind us and we had a large ballroom of alert conventioneers ready to hear [our client Flooring America’s] important messages of the day. We were thrilled to see that they were more than on-board − they were trying hard to keep up and stay in the game.  When the last twenty or so took to the stage, everyone was enthralled, watching for a winner and finally cheering for the man who outlasted the rest.”
event planner One Smooth Stone

“Milo covered so many good points. Months later, I still use it as a reference. I especially found his explanations of his ‘Four Steps to Successful Speech Structure’ very helpful. It is deceptively simple…Overall, I found Milo’s presentation to be witty and very helpful.”
American Society of Training & Development

“Where do I start?!  Tools, tips, and info!  Can I have the video? It’s hard to single out one ‘most valuable tip’ because, to me, everything I heard was valuable.”
Calif. Assoc. of School Business Officers

“With competition being what it is, we need A’s, not B’s…let alone Zzzzzz’s!  Immediately after the speech, my people were buzzing with ways they were going to implement your points to liven their presentations.  I think the ideas around effective use of story really hit home as well as your ‘Four Steps’ process, which have more application to sales than I’d bet most people see at first.”

Milo’s four most requested keynote speaker programs:

keynote speaker, Milo Shapiro

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…To Succeed!"

Highly-interactive fun in a keynote about our relationships with risk, change, and even failing sometimes.

humor speaker, Milo Shapiro

"Laugh In
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An improv duo creates a full entertainment show where their ten games prove ten business points for your attendees.

Presentation skills speech

"Public Speaking:
Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!”

Highly-interactive fun in a keynote about our relationships with risk, change, and even failing sometimes.

Presentation skills speech

"Simon Says…
for Adults!"

Listening skills are critical! Milo's mini-program brings back this classic, fast-paced game to wake up your crowd.

Since 2000, hundreds of clients have chosen Milo, including: