“We Gotta Fail…
To Succeed!”

Interactive = Memorable!

Milo’s motivational speech on our relationship with risk & change that gets the whole audience playing.

No one likes to fail, but those who can face risk with the right spirit are more likely to thrive, creating long-term successful progress for themselves and their organizations.

This program (Milo’s most often booked) blends entertaining stories, inspirational ideas, and improvisation games played by the attendees right from their seats. Through play − one of the most powerful and underutilized tools of learning − your people inadvertently focus upon their comfort with risk, uncertainty, and sometimes failure. Within the fun of playing with colleagues, important lessons emerge in a non-threatening way that leads to changes back on the job (and sometimes even at home!)

When people feel safer to be innovative, even when that could lead to change or risk, the potential benefits soar! The fun and easy improv exercises lead to great laughter in the room while creating eye-opening “aha’s” for individuals.

Milo’s tales range from personal to historical to business, all leading up to his explanation of how the ability to improvise helps in the business world in areas like:

  • Better communication
  • Stronger innovation
  • Quicker adaptation to the unexpected
  • Courage to speak up
  • More confidence in trying new ideas

When we build an environment where teams celebrate greatness in themselves and each other, rather than demanding perfection, innovative flourishes and greater successes are achieved overall in a less stressful setting.

Note: As many planners are intrigued by the interaction aspect, the video shows more of this than the speech part. If afterward you’d like to view more of his speaking in action, we can help with this.

“Laugh in the Fast Lane!”

Entertainment with meaning!

The improvisation keynote show that conveys business principles through fun.

It’s the presentation where you watch ten improvisation games prove ten business points on a theme we’ve choose with you, such as management, teamwork, or sales. It’s as much a show as a keynote!

Audiences love the fun; management loves that it’s more than just memorable entertainment. Our duo (or trio) called The IMPROVfessionals delivers important lessons and the fun is what roots them. The laughter makes this work for a holiday party; the lessons make it work for an energized uplift in your program – especially when the audience suggestions are used in each scene and when whole audience gets to play in one of the later games.

All ten of our points will be supported by a story and/or an improv game. How do these games make business messages? Here’s one example: One of our commonly used points is “Quality Results Can’t Be Rushed.” For this one, the duo plays the game “Half Time” where we do a decent quality scene in one minute based on an audience idea. Then we have to repeat the scene, but in only 30 seconds. Then 15 seconds. Then 8, then 4, then 2! The fun is watching the quality go downhill as we try our best under these crazy restraints.

One of our best business feedbacks was that a company who brought in the IMPROVfessionals tried to cut the time allocated for a project. The manager in charge said, “Hey, but wait…remember: ‘Quality Results Can’t Be Rushed.’” Everyone laughed, remembering the impact of the game, and the timeframe was kept intact. Not many entertainment shows can make that kind of difference back at the office.

“Public Speaking:
Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!”

Learn to be prepared, polished, and powerful whenever you speak

Good presentation skills can have a huge payoff. Whether it shows up in good teamwork, loyal leadership, sharp sales work, or remarkable customer service, solid communication skills can make or break organizational goals. Who hasn’t walked out of a meeting thinking, “I didn’t get any of that, but I needed to.” What is the cost of that? And it’s so preventable with the right tools and a little effort!

The ability to hold an audience’s attention, inform them accurately, and potential persuade them is paramount in effective business. Let’s start fresh and learn how to do this!

As you learn more about public speaking skills, you’ll enjoy a fun, well-rounded, experiential program, featuring highlights from Milo’s book by the same name.

With his light-hearted approach, teaching more from story than lecture, areas covered will include:

  • Using stories to teach more effectively than instruction
  • Letting your body be a tool to create images
  • The 7 ways to apply vocal variety
  • The kick-butt structure that grabs attention and holds it
  • Tips on preventing audience drift and distress
  • Q&A ideas to ease the stress and yield success

And you’ll enjoy your time with Milo so much that all this actionable learning will feel like a bonus!

“Simon Says for Adults!”

This intensive on listening skills is anything but a kiddie game!

Bring the room to life for a while with “Simon Sez” − more fun decades later and a total crowd pleaser!

The game is more of a challenge than ever. Why? Because being a good listener is still tricky, but especially when our “grown-up” tricks to hide that won’t work here.

A great way to remind ourselves that paying attention is still a challenge for us all…but easier to face when we can laugh about it.

We know the basics:

  • Only do the thing Milo command IF he starts with “Simon Says”.
  • And what if Milo’s actions don’t match his words?
  • Same rule: do the thing he says. Nothing to it…true?
  • Not when we big kids are always pre-expecting to protect ourselves!

Winning might feel like a goal for the full room of contestants, but the joy and enthusiasm that fills the room makes the event planner the real winner.

This short program isn’t a speech, but as the clip reel shows, Milo’s opening not only excites them for what lies ahead, but plants seeds to consider how the game reflects the way we all listen and expect to be heard.

The video features a group of 500 retail owners in the flooring industry being funneled down to twenty on-stage contestants and a single winner in the end.

Since 2000, hundreds of clients have chosen Milo, including: