Full Speech Ahead

The Podcast and the eZine


public speaking coach, Milo Shapiro

For three years, Milo was the host of the podcast, “Full Speech Ahead!”, producing over 20 episodes of this interview program. His guests were all invited on to speak on some aspect of communication through the spoken word. Topics on applying better speaking were as varied as:

• Business negotiation
• Dating
• Customer service
• Goal setting

• Branding
• Humor and health
• Schools
• Sexual communication

Each episode also started with his public speaking “tip of the day”.

After three years, Milo put the wraps on the podcast to focus more on his eZine, also called “Full Speech Ahead!” Issues come out about 4-6 times per year, as Milo has ideas for it. These light, quick reads cover great business recommendations, public speaking tips, tech tidbits anyone can use, teamwork ideas, new offerings from Milo, and always a little humor for your day. 

Items found on Milo’s Blog often first appear in the eZine, but subscribers get them first, along with other choice selections not shown on the blog.

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public speaking coach, Milo Shapiro

Podcasts You Can Playback

Check out the many fascinating interviews Milo recorded in those years.

Since 2000, hundreds of clients have chosen Milo, including: