Bureau Friendly Site

(aka Agency Friendly Team Building Page)
team building improv

Milo understands that some speakers bureaus and event agencies want to be able to share his offerings with their clients without providing Milo’s direct contact information to them. This is most commonly true with his keynoting, but sometimes agencies feel this way about team building as well.

Milo’s “agency-friendly” page makes it easy for you to share his offerings without feeling at risk of being bypassed. While it is not as thorough as this site, it does give:

  • Descriptions of each speech and his team building program
  • Video for each program without the contact information
  • An agency-friendly brochure for each program

The agency-friendly page, which you can feel comfortable sharing with clients, is www.EventsWithImprov.com.

Since 2000, hundreds of clients have chosen Milo, including: