With Milo’s guidance in public speaking, your audiences will be leaning forward to catch every syllable!

[Note:  “Zoom” coaching is highly effective!  Great during COVID or for those outside San Diego]

public speaking

Speak Effectively

Develop skills that will make your material and delivery powerful.

public speaking to audience

Hold Listener Attention

Captivate audiences with your words, tone, ideas, and presence.

public speaking coaching

Master Your Material

Discover new approaches for better organization, rehearsal, and impact.

public speaking transformation

Move Past the Fear

Gain comfort in newfound confidence, transforming anxiety into excitement.

Convey your message, feeling “Prepared, Polished and Powerful,” to achieve greater success in all live and remote speaking you do

Develop public speaking skills in:

  • Effective wording
  • Easy, controlled pacing
  • Likeability
  • Eye contact
  • Voice usage
  • Body language
  • Using high and low status
  • PowerPoints that fascinate
  • Finding your own natural style
    (no more speaker clones!)
  • Holding attention in Zoom sessions

And in the process, discover how to:

  • Speak off the cuff when need be
  • Build upon what others are saying
  • Brainstorm creatively
  • Find freedom of thought and action

Milo Shapiro’s approach to coaching in public speaking skills is grounded in the same quality training that led to his own keynote presentations for organizations like Minolta, Southwest Airlines, Qualcomm, Sharp HealthCare, and Wellpoint/BlueCross.

Yet, because of his improv background, his teaching style is more playful and interactive than most trainers; clients enjoy learning with less stress.

Together we will access play for learning — a tool we often lose track of after about the fourth grade! Feedback is comfortable, personal, and applicable.

Milo has guided thousands in their intention to be as prepared, polished, and powerful as they can − just as he himself has applied these techniques on the speaking platform since 2002.

Whether it’s a weekly remote meeting on Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, etc. OR your big day talking live to a group, Milo will build your skill and confidence to succeed.

public speaking coach, Milo Shapiro

“I was excited by how quickly you identified specific ways that I could both fix issues that I had and help me play up my talents in other areas.  Whether I’m doing a light presentation or a serious medical one now, I am applying your Four Steps to Successful Speech Structure and working that handout on the 7 Variants of Vocal Variety.  The difference is tremendous.”

Dr. Virgil Hilliard, Kaiser Permanente Hospitals

“We brought you in to help make two of our key people look more “prepared, polished, and powerful” (as you often say) when they need to speak.  Well, you’ve done just that!  You have transformed how these two managers come across.  Neither did a bad job before, but now there’s an excitement and a spark to them when they are up there that holds everyone’s attention.”

Jeff Villani, VP of HR, Hyatt Hotels

“I’ve participated in many programs on speaking skills over the years, but this was my first time trying individual executive coaching on the topic − and what a difference!  Your working directly with me advanced my knowledge and abilities to a level that group lessons never could. The one-on-one approach allowed you to focus solely in areas where I needed development as a CEO speaking to my organization.”

Dr. John Jenrette, CEO, Sharp Community Medical Group

Since 2000, hundreds of clients have chosen Milo, including: