Public Speaking Speech

"Public Speaking: Get A's, Not Zzzzzz's!"
public speaking coach, Milo Shapiro
In Milo’s keynote presentation on public speaking skills, the audience enjoys a fun, well-rounded, program on key points from his book, also called “Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s” With his playful, story-filled approach, Milo will cover these topics and more:

  • Capturing the power of story to make a point more strongly than lecture
  • Set the stage with your body to help people envision the details
  • The Seven Variants of Vocal Variety™
  • The Four Steps to Successful Speech Structure™
  • Common ways that we can alienate or distract our audiences
  • Taking control of Q&A time
Milo ties it all together in a program with so much fun and so many aha’s that people won’t even mind learning! In Milo’s trademark fashion, this presentation often includes times when, right in their seats, they’ll be asked to play out a few exercises giving them a chance to put some of the ideas into action before they ever leave the room. Then, enjoy the boosted energy for the rest of your conference after everyone has played together!

The concepts in this speech are all pieces of the more precise and customized lessons found in individual coaching with Milo. While nothing can replace that level of one-on-one work, this speech is a great start for a larger group to begin working toward their A’s and fewer Zzzzzz’s!

“An hour chock-full of ideas I know our attendees will apply…Milo made this one hour mini-workshop well worth the cost of the entire [multi-speaker] seminar.”
Int'l Assoc. of Administrative Professionals

“‘Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s’ was an A++ — not just an A!…We present in front of groups of physicians which can create pretty tense situations. The tools presented in this session were clear, concise and can be used by all. The learning was fun, and creative…memorable and likely to be useful in real life situations.”
Sharp HealthCare

“[Milo] covered so many good points. Months later, I still use it as a reference. I especially found his explanations of his “Four Steps to Successful Speech Structure” very helpful. It is deceptively simple…Overall, I found Milo’s presentation to be witty and very helpful.”
American Society of Training and Development

“With competition being what it is, we need A’s, not B’s…let alone Zzzzzz’s! Immediately after the speech, my people were buzzing with ways they were going to implement your points to liven their presentations. I think the ideas around effective use of story really hit home as well as the ‘Four Steps to Successful Speech Structure’, which have more application to sales than I’d bet most people realize at first.”

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