Motivational Speaker

Live or remote:

Liven up your conference
with keynote speaker, Milo Shapiro

“Five stars! Funny, topical, and valuable”
− Pfizer

Public Speaking Coach

Together in San Diego or Zooming where YOU are

Ace that next speech feeling confident!

“Milo, I’m now delivering powerfully to admirals, congressmen, and White House staff!”
− U.S. Coast Guard

Improv Team Building

Creative fun for better work & communication

“Easily the best team building activity we’ve ever done”
− Qualcomm


Improv fun for spontaneous laughs.

Plus “Simon Says for Adults!”

Memorable Interactive Experiences that Heighten Communication

Attendees crave events and trainings that bring learning to life through fun, entertainment, and participation! Milo Shapiro blends twenty-plus years of public speaking coaching, motivational speaking, and improv performance to bring you:

  • speeches and entertainment that will wake up your audience with laughter and inspiration
  • presentation skills coaching that will put you at the top of your own game with skill and confidence
  • team building events where Milo leads your folks in playing hilarious improv games

Milo hits the mark with great speeches, improvisation shows, group activities, and one-on-one communication instruction. Learn more with the options below and talk to us about our virtual options, if needed:

Speaker, Milo Shapiro

Conference Speaker

Highly-interactive motivational & educational programs.

Milo’s keynote events entertain, inform, get everyone playing together, and help us look at our own stumbling blocks in effectiveness.

Public Speaking Coach, Milo Shapiro

Speaking Coaching

Feel prepared, polished, and powerful every time!

The “Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s” author has hundreds vouching for his coaching’s effect on their presentation skills.

Team Building Events

Team Building

A terrific blend of play and learning together.

Learn to work & communicate better within your team and with clients thru fun tools of IMPROVISATION that change how we interact.

Fun Entertainment Improv


Spontaneous fun a la “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Delight the crowd with this delicious, on-the-fly fun, whether it is with our folks on doing the stage work..or maybe even yours!

More than just speaking and training!

Milo produces periodic e-zines with features his followers find interesting and entertaining. He has also been the host of the interview show "Full Speech Ahead", featuring various guests on the power of the spoken word. He has also written articles for numerous publications.



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Since 2000, hundreds of clients have chosen Milo, including:

Memorable experiences that change people's outlook.