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Past e-Zine Issues to View

Past e-Zines are chock-full of fun ideas for you, too!  Here’s links to all the past ones we have:

2024-May  Is it Training? Coaching? Consulting? What if NONE of those are the right approach?

2024-Mar  What Makes a TEDx Talk Work…and Can I Benefit from Knowing?

2024-Jan   Party (and Speak) Like It’s 1929?

2023-Dec  When Santa Needs Speaking Coaching (Humor Issue)  

2023-Oct:  How Short CAN You Tell That Story?

2023-Sep:  What Jimmy Buffett Teaches Us About Authenticity

2023-July:  Why the Mirror is NOT Our Friend When It Comes to Speaking

2023-May:  Can I Just Let ChapGPT Write My Speeches Now?

2022-Dec:  Is He Really Talking About….Snails???

2022-Nov:  My Q&A Ruined My Speech!

2022-Sep:  Forbes Features Five Speaking Tips…From Me!

2022-July:  Improv?  In Business?

2022-Apr:  Should You Rehearse Speaking into a Mirror?

2022-Mar:  What We Lose When We Plan and Analyze

2022-Jan:  When Vocal Variety Can Change What You Mean/Meant to Say

2020-Nov:  Who’s Zooming Who?

2020-Mar:  Good News Only!

2019-Dec:  To PowerPoint or NOT to PowerPoint; That is the Question!

2019-Jun:  Public Speaking: Don’t Kill Those “Butterflies”​ in the Stomach!

2019-Apr:  The Golden Rule Ain’t Always So Bright

2018-Dec:  The Joy and Benefits of Procrastination

2018-Aug:  How To Apologize (plus Tips on How to Be Introduced)

2018-Feb:  Great YouTube Tip (and Thoughts on Eye Contact When Speaking)

2017-Apr:  Can Humor Be Used in Almost Any Setting?

2017-Oct:  Never Type Common Phrases Again (& Sitting vs. Standing for Speaking)

2016-Dec:  The Power of Bombing…And Surviving It!  

2016-Nov:  The Power of THREE

2016-Mar:  Networking/Socializing Tip AND Dry Mouth Suggestion

2016-Jan:  The So-Called Phobia of Public Speaking

2015-Dec:  Finding the Unseen Solution in Compromise

2015-Sep:  Nursing A Rough Working Relationship

2015-July:  Confessions of an Overwhelmed Entrepreneur

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