Recently, I was interviewed for an article for on tips for TEDx speakers to be more effective.  I needed to make it clear to Yitzi Weiner, the article author, that I didn’t see TEDx tips as being much different from any other speaking endeavor other than these two points:
— TEDx is specifically 18 minute presentations
− TEDx is more focused on getting the video watched, rather than impressing the audience in front of you.

She then asked if I’d come up with “Five Speaking Tips for TEDx Speakers,” which I obliged in writing (they are in the article that is linked in the previous paragraph).  And THEN she asked if I’d make a little video sharing them.  So the video you see above is also in her article.  In the video, I went into a little more detail, so I recommend the video over the printed list.

So for this month, instead of writing an article here, I encourage you to go to Mitzi’s Q&A interview with me and play the three-minute video you’ll find there.