Recently, the San Diego Business Journal interviewed me.  I thought the improv-based part of my business work was going to be a reference − a paragraph at most − in what she was writing.  Instead, she found that work so fascinating that it ended up as a full feature…even continuing on a second page!  Enjoy the article on improv which is posted at here.   And thanks to comments and shares from colleagues, clients, friends, and strangers, it’s had over 6,800 views!  Would love to have you see what she thought and see if it inspires ideas in you as well.

My path to being a speaking coach was unorthodox at best, with its roots solidly in my work with improvisation and how its lessons can positively affect business interactions.  Through teambuilding and interactive motivational keynote speeches, I get people playing…because play is a golden ticket to learning!  When we’re having fun, material nestles into our brains more deeply.

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