Snipping Tool is a great free tool built into Windows (and yes, I explain how to easily simulate this on Mac at the end). With it, you can cut any part of what your see on your screen and either save it as a jpg or copy it into Clipboard to paste into word, email, powerpoint, etc.

One of my favorite uses is when I need tech support. Instead of describing and reading to the person, I ask for her email address and send an image of exactly what I’m seeing. So easy!
It’s also nice for those times when a website won’t let you download an image on the screen or the download would be huge.  It’s a terrific way to make a meme, too!

For Win10 users, it works the same way, except to find it, you’ll be typing in the Cortana search box instead of the Start Button. Once you pin it or save it to your desktop, the rest is identical.