I’m always surprised to learn that people aren’t making the most of the autocorrect features of programs like Outlook and MS Word. You needn’t limit yourself to the corrections that come with the product. And the usage goes way beyond spelling. Most autocorrects can hold sentences, formatting, and even images.

For example, I have three salutations, each with a photo and two columns of information, saved under three different autocorrections. One is my default in Outlook, but if I want one of the other two, I just erase the default and type “coachsal” or “tbsal” (for team builder salutation). The entire desired salutation pops up, replacing those few characters, like magic.

Got a paragraph that you frequently type, like directions to your place from the closest freeway? Save it all as “gettome” in Autocorrect and you’ll never type it again. I never type my email address or phone number in emails…all autocorrect. And then there are no typos because a bunch of numbers just pop up. And if they don’t pop up, it’s much more noticeable that I mistyped the autocorrection key phrase.