Payment Options with Zelle, Venmo and Checks

There are three ways to pay Milo that don’t have any processing fees, listed in my order of preference.
Click the one that interests you:

1 – Zelle
2 – Venmo
3 – Bank Check (either mailed by you, dropped off, or directly sent from your bank)

If none of these can work for you and you must use a credit card, debit card, or PayPal, let Milo know and he’ll share further instructions.


1) How to send me funds via Zelle: 

If you have Zelle, this is great, as it goes right into my account.
You probably won’t need more than my cell number, but different banks require different information for Zelle payment.
Below is everything you could possibly need, just in case.
NOTE:  I recently learned that if you’re paying via a cell phone, you must add me to your contacts before trying to use Zelle.

>  Name = IMPROVentures   (not Milo Shapiro)
>  Cell = 619-977-0598
>  Email =  (not
>  routing number = 322271627
>  account number = 1883160532




2) How to send me funds via Venmo: 

3) Venmo:   Access my account by either my username @milo-shapiro or my cell number:  619-977-0598 .
If you must go by an email address, use my only primary email: (not any other email you might have for me)
If you have any other email for me, please do not use that; Venmo only allows one email to be attached to an account.

Also, make sure the photo that shows is the one below before you pay,
If you don’t see that, hold off…you could be putting the money where I can’t access it (or worse, a stranger’s account!)





3)  Mail a check made out to Milo Shapiro to the address below.
(yes, checks still work!)

3620 Georgia St. #7 
San Diego, CA 92103