These few videos answer the most common newcomer questions. Then, our first call can focus instead on your specific needs and remaining questions.

“How do you help people get over the fear of speaking?”

Fear, scared, anxious, nervous…for about half of my clients, these words come up within sentences of my answering the phone.

If you have no fear of speaking…great!  Not everyone needing coaching has fear, so you can skip to the next video.

If you speaking does raise your anxiety, though, hear my approach to calming the butterflies down that has worked magic for so many clients since 2004:


“Do you have a methodology all your clients go through?”

Are you expecting to hear about my patented, ten-step approach that works the same on everyone, like some training organizations do?

Nope.  I’ll never do that.  Hear why.

Employees were visibly improving their communication and presentation skills. They were able to apply the enhanced skills to actual client situations almost immediately. And their enhanced skills were noticed by the company CEO.

John Hartman, President of MEA-Digital

“How do the coaching packages work?”

The initial appointment is a unique, mutual learning experience which differs from the coaching sessions that follow.  Hear how that works and sets us up for success.

“How many sessions will I need?”  AND
“How does payment work?”

The number of sessions is so goal dependent; I’ll address that here, for sure.

Specific pricing is affected by a number of factors including location, time, package selected…even method of payment.

Once we determine those basics, I’ll certainly tell you current coaching rates, but how payment works is a separate story that I answer here:

What a difference!  Your working directly with me advanced my knowledge and abilities to a level that group lessons never could. The one-on-one approach allowed you to focus solely where I needed development as a CEO, speaking to my organization.

Dr. John Jenrette, CEO, Sharp Community Medical Group

Now you know so much more about how it all works and how doable this is!
You can develop this skill; you’ll learn how in these fun sessions.

One more step will get you there: contact me!
I look forward to talking and seeing if we’re a fit!

– Milo –

Since 2000, hundreds of clients have chosen Milo, including: