Family Videos

Wonder Years – A great little montage of the grandkids between ages 2 and maybe 8

Grandpa and the family at Wolfies: Jan 1 2001
Part 1   Part 2   (each 4min, 50 sec)

Grandpa and Min at Chinese Buffet:  Jan 2 2001 (Grandpa Harold shares some family history)
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5
Note:  The upload software I use only allows segments under 5 minutes, so this is divided into 5 parts of 4 minutes and 50 seconds each. To play it safe, there’s 10 seconds of overlap between each part so that little bit will repeat.

Zoom Passover 2021

Passover 1992 and some random stuff

Reel 1: : Bob, Joan, David, Grandpa Harold, Susan…not sure who is running the camera.  Doesn’t seem likely that it’s Mark(Milo) since he doesn’t speak at all.  Maybe different people there took turns.

Reel 2:  Susan and David look for afikoman til 3:55. then cuts to Dad filming old still shots til 6:00, then mom and Dad on the Teitel-Wave

Teitelbaum Passover 1985 with Bob, Joan, Mark, and David (Audio only)
The seder is fine, but the argument at the beginning is Teitelbaum classic. The singing starts at 20 min.