Milo's referral program

Recently, a coach suggested an incentive program for past clients to refer friends and colleagues.  I should have thought of that sooner! 
And not just for past clients, but for people that I network with who refer me, even if they haven’t needed my services themselves yet!

So I am introducing a new referral program where you earn coaching credits!

There’s no techy thing you’ll have to go do to get referral credit.  It’s as simple as this: If the person mentions you, I’ll let you know!  🙂  And you can save credits for up to a year so you could spend 60 or 90 minutes with me instead of using just 30 each time.  The time earned is not transferable to others, though…the coaching needs to be for you.  If you don’t have any coaching needs for yourself at this time, I have another way for you to make use of credits. 

By the way, about 95% of my practice is now on Zoom (even for San Diegans).  Clients are loving it and so do I!  There are so many advantages in addition to convenience!  So referrals aren’t limited at all to locals! 

The kinds of credit you earn vary by whether I’ve already coached you before, so to see the details on what you’ll earn, click the appropriate link:

I’m a past clients who has already done an initial consultation with Milo

I’ve never done an initial coaching consultation with Milo but I’d love to earn referral credits!

Thank you!  Referrals are the lifeblood of coaches and trainers!  🙂   – Milo

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