Milo's referral program - general details

Great that you’re interested!  Coaching starts with an initial consultation appointment where we cover two things:

   1) a great deep-dive assessment into what you know/do/feel about speaking.  During this, I share a lot, so there’s plenty of learning.
2) a key topic I call the “Four Steps to Successful Speech Structure”

So as someone whom I haven’t worked with yet, here’s how coaching credits would work for you, since we’ve not established a coaching foundation yet.

First client referral that leads to 4+ hours with them: You get, for free, your choice of either the assessment  or the “Four Steps” lesson.
Second time: We’ll do whichever you didn’t pick above.
Third time:  30 minutes of coaching, which can be used for any of the following:

    • delving into speaking concepts to boost your ability
    • trying out parts of programs or pitches that have come up for you
    • having me review and suggest improvements to your current PowerPoint slides
    • bouncing business/marketing ideas off me

Lastly, I’m also open to applying credits toward photo editing/restoration instead of coaching, if the job can be done in under 30 minutes.
I do this through my other business; see if you don’t know about that!   Lots of examples on the website, but here’s a few to give you an idea.

Thanks and I look forward to your referrals to help those you care enough to send!   –  Milo






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