Milo's past-client referral program

So what’s this about?

Recently, I mentioned to a colleague how proud I am of my past clients, many of whom are out speaking with higher confidence and clarity since working together.
He said, “That’s great!  So what’s your incentive program so they refer friends and colleagues?”
Awkward pause, as I realize that’s something I didn’t have and could have implemented years ago!

So, as someone I enjoyed working with in the past, you’re among the first to learn of my new referral program where you earn coaching credits!


What would I get for referrals to Milo?

It’s simple!  For every coaching client you refer to me who books an initial consultation plus at least three hours coaching, you personally earn a free 30 minutes of my coaching time which you can use for:

  •    reviewing past concepts to keep them fresh or implement in new ways
  •    trying out more recent programs that have come up
  •    introducing speaking concepts we didn’t get to in our previous sessions
  •    having me review and suggest improvements to your current PowerPoint slides
  •    bouncing business/marketing ideas off me
  •    up to 30 minutes of photo editing work on one photo
          (did you know I do that?  See my hobby-passion-turned-side-business at

Am I going to have to do some techy thing to earn credits?

Nope!  It’s as simple as this: If the person mentions you, I’ll let you know!  🙂  And yes, you can combine credits for up to a year to spend 60 or 90 minutes with me.

How do I use the credits?

You can book a 30 minute appointment OR you can combine credits for up to a year to spend 60 or 90 minutes with me.  Only one real limitation: Time earned is not transferable to others; the coaching (or photo work) needs to be for you.  If you don’t have any coaching or photo needs for yourself at this time, your referrals are still tremendously appreciated!

Does the referral have to be in San Diego?

Nope!  About 95% of my practice is now on Zoom (even for San Diegans) and clients are loving it, as do I; there are so many advantages1  in addition to convenience!  So referrals aren’t limited at all to locals!

Can I contact you with questions?

Of course!  I’m still at

Thank you!  I’d be happy to work with you again and I look forward to meeting those you send my way!


PS:  I’m excited to have the article below published in Forbes! Would love for you to click over to it and maybe learn from it.  If you find value in it, please add a comment to the LinkedIn feed with your thoughts on it.

Forbes Public Speaking Article with Milo Shapiro

1Besides the tremendous convenience, coaching on Zoom has benefits like:

  •    providing visual training in addition to audio training with the use of new PowerPoint modules
  •    bringing client’s scripts up on “share screen” so we can edit on the fly instead of pencil in paper margins
  •    Zoom coaching is helping people get better for both live and remote presentations, since coaching on Zoom translates well to the live stage but the reverse isn’t as true.


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