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Hello, fellow podcaster!  I’d like to introduce myself as someone…

  • who ran a podcast himself for a couple of years (“Full Speech Ahead” on BlogTalkRadio)
  • who has been a guest on dozens of podcasts over time, and
  • who understands your job and how to make both of us look good

My hope is that this page will help you determine if we’re a good fit, give you much of what you’d need if so, and let you know how to reach me.

Since podcasting is a talking medium, I’d like to introduce myself with image and sound, if you’d be so kind as to give a listen to this short overview:

Here’s a video podcast that I guested on in January of 2023:


1.  My most requested topic is based on my expertise in public speaking skills.
I’ve been doing motivational and educational speeches since 2002 when I qualified for membership in National Speakers Association.  Then, based on requests from attendees, I started my speaking coaching practice in late 2004.  My first book, in 2007, was the fun and informative “Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!”

The sequel for teens, “Public Speaking for TEENS: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!”, hit #2 on Amazon in December of 2015.
Yes, it hurt to get stuck at #2, but a sequel to “How Big is Your Parachute?” locked up that #1 spot for almost a year, so #2 was still quite the honor behind that.

Both books are preview-able below, along with my third book “The Worst Days Make The BEST Stories!”

I’ve worked with hundreds of people, helping them to become more prepared, polished, and powerful when they have reason to speak. I believe the world is full of excellent speakers, lost to poor early training and self-defeating beliefs ever since.  It’s a joy to unleash that and watch them grow…and kick butt.

As a guest, I share useful, actionable information with your guests; I get the line between a talk show guest and being a shameless plugger. So long as my books and websites are mentioned at least twice, and people are invited to join my mailing list, and that it’s clear that I’m available both locally in San Diego and via Zoom everywhere, I’m done plugging.  J    Beyond that, it’s all sharing usable info with them.

Clients include SHARP Health Care, Merrill Lynch, Kaiser Permanente, Scripps, Qualcomm, numerous high-ranking people at Precision Diagnostics, sales reps, doctors, researchers, CEOs, company presidents, coaches, and even other professional speakers.

2.  In a completely different vein, the other side of my business (IMPROVentures) which includes my teambuilding program and my motivational speeches, both of which are based in the lessons of improvisation.

I was in a troupe for 15 years and apply the lessons of improv in businesses and other organizations.  Through the games, we get to focus on listening skills, building upon the ideas of others, non-verbal communication, and much more.  Groups that have experienced my work include Pfizer, Qualcomm, The US Navy, Southwest Airlines, and many more with testimonials on my website.

But it’s about more than fun and teamwork.  There’s a lot of personal breakthroughs in areas around where we stop ourselves because we’re afraid of being judged or wrong or even demeaned.  Yet, in playing it safe, we undermine the change for breakthroughs, mentoring, and celebration − of both outcome and spirit. TEAMprovising is really fascinating to watch and even the larger keynote brings a-has to conferences.

To hear the whole interesting story about how a computer programmer transformed into a business with all of the above, visit the “About” page on my website, .

If either or both of these topics could interest you for your show, touch base!  Some podcasters have liked my ideas enough that they’ve simply invited me twice, rather than rushing to get both areas into one interview.

I’m happy to send a list of the kinds of questions that lend themselves well to answers; not that we have to still to it as a script, but I know as a podcaster that I really appreciate guests sending that because it gives me idea I wouldn’t have had without reading their whole books!

Please note:  I do not pay to appear on podcasts.  If that is your business model, I respect and salute you…but we would not be a fit, then.

All for now!  Thanks for your time!    Milo 

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