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Hello, fellow podcaster!  I’d like to introduce myself as someone who…

    • ran a podcast himself for a couple of years (“Full Speech Ahead” on BlogTalkRadio)
    • has guested on dozens of podcasts over time, and
    • understands your job and how to make both of us look good

My hope is that this mini-site about me as a podcast guest will:

    • help you determine if we’re a good fit
    • give you much of what you’d need if so, and
    • let you know how to reach me.

Since podcasting is a talking medium, please allow me to introduce myself with image and sound by playing the short overview below.
If you prefer reading to listening, this link summarizes some of what I say in the video (but not nearly as playfully) and makes for good reference.

Also, if you’d like to hear me being interviewed, here’s a video-podcast that I guested on in January of 2023:

If either or both of the topics in the video (or described at the link above) could be a fit for your program, please reply!

Please note:  I do not pay to appear on podcasts.  If that is your business model, I respect and salute you…but we would not be a fit, then.

All for now!  Thanks for your time!   

Helpful resources toward working together: 


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To learn more about any of my books, link to .  Right click on any to copy the image.

   Milo's book on Public Speaking Skills  

Example of my hosting an episode of Full Speech Ahead with that day’s guest, Branding Expert Liz Goodgold:

Best way to contact me?  Call me old school, but email by far suits me best to start: .

To learn more about my work overall:

To learn more about my speaking coaching specifically: 

Then, by all means, let’s find a time for a call or Zoom to really talk!  Thanks!

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