Milo’s Packing Checklist (customize it to your basics):

Dress Pants                 Socks – Sweat and Dress        Jeans/Sweats/casual pants    T-shirts
Dress Shirts                 Underwear                                Shoes/Sneakers                     Flip-Flops/Extra Shoes
Shorts                          Jackets                                     Sweaters/Sweat Shirts            Bathing Suits
Galoshes/Umbrella      Jewelry                                     Sunglasses                             Laundry Bag/Soap
Ties/Clip                       Belt and/or suspenders            Hats                                        Sleepwear
Toiletries                       Bug Spray                                Medications                            Elec. razor & plug
Towels                          Vitamins                                   Iron                                         Manual razor & cream
Sunscreen                    Tissues                                    Hair: Brush, Dryer, Spray
Night Blinders               Earplugs                                  Shampoo
Travel Tickets              Cash/ Checks                          Hangers                                  CARRY BAG w/: Wallet,
Playing Cards               Reading material                    Sleeping bag/sheets                  Keys—home & there
Empty Water Bottle       Kindle / Charger                      Gifts/Things to enjoy                  Headsets for phone
Music                            Reading Glasses                     Phone numbers I’ll need            Phone
DVDs / Player               Flight Pillow                             Flashlight                                   Phone charge cord
Earphones                    Maps/Directions                       Marketing Materials                   Laptop
Food, candy                  Pillow and case                       Exercise/Sports                          Flash memory
Passport                        Lip Balm                                  

Milo Shapiro:  Public Speaking Coach and Educational speaker (on speaking skills)

Milo with his improv based keynote “We Gotta Fail…To Succeed!” 

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