A fully-staged reading of “Tales from the Crib” in two acts

In October of 2023, the wonderful folks at Wildsong Productions in Ocean Beach (a San Diego community) took a liking to my script and offered me:

♦  A zoom table-read with five actors,
♦  A terrific co-director/stage-manager (Shaun Lim),
♦  A mere five hours for Shaun and me to block/direct the entire two-act show, and finally,
♦  One full run-through from the beginning, so six of our friends could come be a tiny audience

The videos below are from that final run-through. 

Because the recording phone tripod was way in the back of the theater, we edited the footage after the fact to zoom in, out, and across so that you could see faces better.  As sound quality was mixed, subtitles have been added in many places to be sure you can make out all of the lines.

We see Lucy both at age 39 (in the scenework) and as an older Lucy, in her 60s (outside the scene), looking back on that time in her life.  The older Lucy as narrator (aka “Lucy-Out”) is sometimes off-screen, but you’ll know it’s her talking when the subtitles are green.

Please know that this script is a work in progress and changes have already been made to what’s below, but we hope you’ll see the show’s potential and enjoy your viewing of this fully-staged reading.  Also remember that the audience was only five or six people…and laughter is contagious.  😉

NOTE:  You might prefer to boost the YouTube to full screen, depending on the size of your screen.
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Emerson McMurtry
“Lucy-In” (Lucy at age 39)
Dawn Zuniga-Williams “Lucy-Out” (Lucy at approx. age 62)
Kara Tuckfield Anjoli (Lucy’s mother)
Noah Zuniga-Williams
Jack, Alfie, and others
Lyric Boothe
Zoe, Eddie, Natalie, and others

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