Desert Hot Springs house for rent

Greetings and thanks for your interest in our house for rent in Desert Hot Springs at 67632 Loma Vista Road!  On the site, you will be able to see a video walk-through of the house and yard there as well as lots of pictures and explanation of how renting with us would work.

We ask that you please read all the “Costs and Considerations” before calling or writing.  We’ve worked hard to answer all of the most common questions there; it’s a poor use of your time and ours to go through lengthy calls only to then find that we’re not a fit with you because of something we’ve already explained on that page.  That information is both down below and on the house’s website.

If you meet the qualifications below, are good with the expectations listed, and like the photos and other info you see on the house site, then we’ll look forward to hearing from you through the “Contact info” page.


  • Lease will run at least one year.
  • Rent is $1925/mo for a one year lease.
  • This includes a generous allowance for solar-generated electricity such that you might have no Edison bill at all, depending on your usage!
  • Move-in costs are first month rent plus a security deposit.
    The deposit is one month’s rent if no pets.
    The deposit amount with pets varies depending on the situation so talk to us.
  • $25 non-refundable credit search fee, per adult on the lease.
    ALL adults in the house must be on the lease and are subject to the credit search.
    We don’t have a specific credit number we cut off at, but we’re looking for a pattern of responsibility and possible debt that does not look like the person might have troubles comfortably making the rent.
  • Regardless of how good one’s credit is, in order to qualify, you must be able to show a reportable combined gross income (before taxes, not net) of all adult tenants in the house to be at least three times the rent.  This comes to combined verifiable reported income of $4875/mo which is $58,500/year.  Please don’t ask for exceptions for making less or getting paid in cash.

Your responsibilities

  • You will need to supply the refrigerator.
  • Washer/dryer are not provided.  Laundry room has both gas & electric hookups .
  • Electric bill, gas bill, water bill (we take care of trash pick-up).
  • Maintaining the small front lawn and weeding the rock part of the backyard OR we will provide a great gardener we’ve used before if you’d prefer to add $120 to the rent for that to be all attended to.
  • Renter’s Insurance Policy must be documented to landlord within 14 days of moving in.  (Renter’s insurance protects us both; we’ve shopped around and have found quotes as low as $120 per year for basic liability/theft coverage.)

Restrictions and other facts

  • This has generally been a no pets house so far, but there have been exceptions…talk to us about possible exceptions if you have a pet.
  • It is POSSIBLE that we might be able to get someone in sooner than Dec.1, but it depends on what’s happening with the current tenant.  If this is of interest to you, ask and we’ll tell you the current status.
  • No smoking inside the house.  (Smoking on the patio is fine.)
  • Only gas fires in the fireplace.  No burning wood anywhere on the property.
    (Gas or charcoal barbecues are fine on the patio.)
  • Maximum five occupants.  All adult occupants must be on the lease.
  • Sorry, not accepting Section 8.
  • All houses in this neighborhood are on a septic systems.  It has always worked great, but be aware that septic tanks always requires being gentler with laundry (ie: no bleach) and what you put down toilets.
  • At some point, the city may bring the sewers in, whereupon the lawn may be torn up for a time to make the connections.  It was supposed to happen by 2007…it may never happen.
  • Our insurance company forbids entry into the home by any of the following types of dogs, whether full-breed or mixed.  This applies to both your pets and anyone just dropping by:
    • pitbull
    • doberman
    • rottweiler
    • chow
    • akita
    • mastif
    • perro de presa canario
    • any wolf hybrid


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