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Milo’s interactive programs get audiences playing along.


Actionable ideas that can transform your workplace.


Seriously funny lessons that stick with attendees.


Years later: “Your words still affect my thinking.”

Learning thrives when humor shines!

Liven up your conference with motivational speaker, Milo Shapiro

Milo Shapiro’s interactive programs use improvisation, story sharing, and even “Simon Says” to wake up the house and make an impact through his uplifting blend of play and information. Great for organizations seeking:

  • A bright, interactive motivational speaker
  • Entertainment with a business message
  • Greater speaking ability by your attendees
  • Storytelling that hits home for inspiration
  • Good clean fun to energize your audience

His program on improving our personal relationship with risk and failure has been called “a wake-up call for America” that leads us in seeing and changing how we limit ourselves when we attempt to be perfect.

Attendees recall lessons better when learned through fun like this; they’ll leave eager to return for next year’s conference.

“An excellent speaker who made his points quite effectively…incorporating material that was directly relevant and obviously customized for my team, which was much appreciated.”

“The message was right on target [with] fun and interactive delivery.”

“Such a hit!  People were texting me during the speaker after you to say how much fun they had with your ‘We Gotta Fail…To Succeed!'”
Young Marines of America

“The raves continue on your valuing appropriately taken risk and dealing with the feelings around it.”
Southwest Airlines

"We Gotta Fail… To Succeed!"

Milo’s motivational speech on our relationship with risk & change that gets the whole audience playing!

No one likes to fail, but those who can face risk with the right spirit are more likely to thrive, creating long-term successful progress for themselves and their organizations.

This program (Milo’s most often booked) blends entertaining stories, inspirational ideas, and improvisation games that the attendees play right in their seats. Through play − one of the most powerful and underutilized tools of learning − your people inadvertently focus upon their comfort with risk, uncertainty, and sometimes failure. Within the fun of playing with colleagues, important lessons emerge in a non-threatening way, leading to changes back on the job (and sometimes even at home!)

When people feel safer to be innovative, even when that could lead to change or risk, the potential benefits soar! The fun and easy improv exercises lead to great laughter in the room while creating eye-opening “aha’s” for individuals.

Milo’s tales range from personal to historical to business, all leading up to his explanation of how the ability to improvise helps in the business world in areas like:

  • Better communication
  • Stronger innovation
  • Quicker adaptation to the unexpected
  • Courage to speak up
  • More confidence in trying new ideas

When we build an environment where teams celebrate greatness in themselves and each other, rather than demanding perfection, innovative flourishes and greater successes are achieved overall in a less stressful setting.

Note: As many planners are intrigued by the interaction aspect, the video shows more of this than the speech part. If afterward you’d like to view more of his speaking in action, we can help with this.

“An A++ — not just an A!…We present in front of groups of physicians which can create pretty tense situations.  The tools presented in this session were clear, concise and can be used by all.  The learning was fun, and creative…memorable and likely to be useful in real life situations.”
Sharp Healthcare

“Milo made this one hour mini-workshop well worth the cost of the entire seminar. He captured the attention of the attendees and held it throughout.”
Int'l Assoc. of Administrative Professionals

“Milo covered so many good points. Months later, I still use it as a reference. I especially found his explanations of his ‘Four Steps to Successful Speech Structure’ very helpful. It is deceptively simple…Overall, I found Milo’s presentation to be witty and very helpful.”
American Society of Training & Development

“Where do I start?!  Tools, tips, and info!  Can I have the video? It’s hard to single out one ‘most valuable tip’ because, to me, everything I heard was valuable.”
Calif. Assoc. of School Business Officers

“With competition being what it is, we need A’s, not B’s…let alone Zzzzzz’s!  Immediately after the speech, my people were buzzing with ways they were going to implement your points to liven their presentations.  I think the ideas around effective use of story really hit home as well as your ‘Four Steps’ process, which have more application to sales than I’d bet most people see at first.”

"Public Speaking: Get A's, Not Zzzzzz's!"

Good presentation skills can have a huge payoff. Whether it shows up in good teamwork, loyal leadership, sharp sales work, or remarkable customer service, solid communication skills can make or break organizational goals. We’ve all walked out of a meeting thinking, “Shoot, I just didn’t get all of that…and I need that info!” What is the cost of that? And it’s so preventable with the right tools and a little effort!

The ability to hold an audience’s attention, inform them accurately, and potentially persuade them is paramount in effective business. Let’s start fresh and learn how to do this!

As you learn more about public speaking skills, you’ll enjoy a fun, well-rounded, experiential program, featuring highlights from Milo’s book by the same name.

With his light-hearted approach, teaching more from story than lecture, areas covered will include:

  • Using stories to teach more effectively than instruction
  • Letting your body be a tool to create images
  • The 7 ways to apply vocal variety
  • The kick-butt structure that grabs attention and holds it
  • Tips on preventing audience drift and distress
  • Q&A ideas to ease the stress and yield success

And you’ll enjoy your time with Milo so much that all this actionable learning will feel like a bonus!

“…rare to find an event that is such a hoot and also supports our business goals!”
Cox Communications

“Fun, clear, and helpful while being thoroughly enjoyable”

“Five stars! We wanted something funny, topical, and valuable and you fit the bill beautifully.”


“The perfect start to our conference…delivering a pertinent topic with improvisational skits and songs is entertaining and effective.”
Meeting Professionals International

"Laugh in the Fast Lane!"

The improvisation keynote show that conveys business principles through fun!

NOTE:  The upper video features our classic duo presentation done before a live audience.  The second one is a more recent program performed on Zoom for Boeing aerospace company.  Two great options for Zoom:  1)  Everyone can attend remotely or 2) we can be on the big screen via Zoom for your seated audience…without your needing to fly two presenters in!

In this presentation, you’ll enjoy ten improvisation games that prove ten business points on a theme we’ve chosen with you, such as management, teamwork, or sales. It’s as much a show as a keynote!

Audiences love the fun; management loves that it’s more than just memorable entertainment. Our duo (or trio) called “The IMPROVfessionals” delivers important lessons and the fun is what roots them. The laughter makes this program work for a holiday party; the lessons make it work for an energized uplift in your program – especially when the audience suggestions are used in each scene and when whole audience gets to play in one of the later games.

All ten of our points will be supported by a story and/or an improv game. How do these games make business messages? Here’s one example: One of our commonly used points is “Quality Results Can’t Be Rushed.” For this one, the duo plays the game “Half Time” where we do a decent quality scene in one minute based on an audience idea. Then we have to repeat the scene, but in only 30 seconds. Then 15 seconds. Then 8, then 4, then 2! The fun is watching the quality go downhill as we try our best under these crazy restraints.

One of our best business feedbacks was when a company who had recenly brought in the “IMPROVfessionals” tried to cut the time allocated for a project. The manager in charge said, “Hey, but wait…remember: ‘Quality Results Can’t Be Rushed.’” Everyone laughed, remembering the impact of the game, and the project timeframe was kept intact. Not many entertainment shows can make that kind of difference back at the office!

“Inside of 15 minutes, those morning blahs were behind us and we had a large ballroom of alert conventioneers ready to hear [our client Flooring America’s] important messages of the day. We were thrilled to see that they were more than on-board − they were trying hard to keep up and stay in the game.  When the last twenty or so took to the stage, everyone was enthralled, watching for a winner and finally cheering for the man who outlasted the rest.”
event planner One Smooth Stone

“Your message really inspired us to take risks on new ideas without fearing failure.”
Wellpoint Blue Cross

“At a pretty early hour, you had my people laughing and tapping into creativity… ready to be at their best for the challenges of the conference.”
Hilton Hotels

"Simon Says for Adults"

Bring the whole room to life with “Simon Sez” − more fun decades later and a total crowd pleaser!

The game is more of a challenge than ever. Why? Because being a good listener is still tricky, especially when our “grown-up” tricks to hide that won’t work here.

A great way to remind ourselves that paying attention is still a challenge for everyone… but easier to face when we can laugh at ourselves.

We know the basics:

  • Only do the thing Milo commands IF he starts with “Simon Says.”
  • And what if Milo’s actions don’t match his words? Do what he says; not what he does.

Nothing to it, right? Ha! Not when we big kids are always pre-expecting to protect ourselves!

Winning might feel like a goal for the full room of contestants, but the joy and enthusiasm that fills the room makes the event planner the real winner.

This short program isn’t a speech, but as the clip reel shows, Milo’s opening not only excites them for what lies ahead, but plants seeds to consider how the game reflects the way we all listen and expect to be heard.

The video features a group of 500 retail owners in the flooring industry being funneled down to twenty on-stage contestants and a single winner in the end.

Note: The folks participating in this video were strikingly outgoing so we adjusted to that in our itinerary. If your team is less bold (or just takes longer to get there), exercises selected may be simpler, more verbal, or less physical. Each group is unique…and so is each improvisation team building session!


Strengthen your team communication while developing a greater sense of community in your staff…all through the fun of improv team building games!

Does your team face risk, change, and uncertainty with dread…or excitement? Does support lessen or escalate when a colleague needs their help?

Life isn’t rehearsed; it’s improvisation! How we handle the bumps in the road and the way they make us feel… that shouldn’t be left to chance.

Welcome to TEAMprovising, the event where we play with how we cope with what comes next – anticipated or not!

Challenge, fumble, and laugh your way through the cooperative fun and team sharing that are the backbone of our games.  We’ll be maximizing our strengths and chuckling at our differences as we work through it together. You’re set for some entertaining learning with some seriously funny lessons!

Improv Shows…by us or you!

Just want the fun of improvisation? Let Milo bring in a group of improvisers who will take audience suggestions and turn them into customized fun through great games!

Want a crazy twist? What if your folks were the entertainers? Milo can pre-meet a handful of your good-sport staff, give them a crash course in just a few games that they can learn together, and help make your staff the stars of your event. They may not be as improv-ready as the folks Milo could bring with him, but there’s something really joyful about seeing Margaret from HR playing the game with Luis from Accounting and Wanda from Legal that enlivens the room.

Another option is a mix of your folks and professionals who help make them look good. Talk to us about options!

“We were so happy with our choice to bring in the IMPROVfessionals for our holiday sales evening. As you promised, it was a great blend of laughs and entertainment”

“With little prep time and without really knowing us, you created an amazing and unforgettable evening − using my own people!”
Techmer PM

About Milo Shapiro

milo-shapiro-speakerMilo first saw improvisation in 1990 and it was love at first sight. Jumping into classes immediately, he became of founding member of the San Diego chapter of “TheatreSports” with whom he performed regularly for 14 years.

He began his company to teach TEAMprovising in 2000. His involvement in the National Speakers Association led to keynoting in 2003, where he gets the whole audience playing his games with him in “We Gotta Fail…To Succeed!” Since then, Milo has worked with hundreds of companies and organizations to bring them these fun ways of learning about how we look at the world and workplace.

In 2004, audience members began approaching Milo to ask if he would coach them in public speaking skills, unexpectedly inspiring the other side of his current business: as a speaking coach in person and in videoconferencing. In 2007, he authored “Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!” (which he used as the basis for his keynote by the same name) and then the 2015 sequel “Public Speaking for TEENS: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!”

Milo enjoys working both in events in his home town (San Diego, CA) and opportunities to bring his fun and learning wherever need be.

Ask the event planner who pointed you here for more information about Milo and to reach out to him to book him today!