Looking for a roommate for Oct 2023 Atlantis Mexican Riviera cruise

Hello!  I’m Milo and I wanted to share a bit more than felt right in a FB post. 😉
May seem odd to make a webpage just for this, but I create pages all the time; it’s almost as easy for me as doing a post.

My cruise story is that my best friend and his close friend are going on the cruise.
I’d like to join them and they welcome me, but certainly not in the same room with them.

I could look for a friend to go with, but if the four of us don’t click, I’m going to be torn between the people I’m trying to travel with and the person I brought with me.
The simpler solution is to find someone nice to share a room with, who has his own plans and just needs a roommate.

Here’s what I’m hoping to find in a cabin roommate:

1) Non-snorer. I’m a light sleeper, so having a snoring roommate would really ruin a good trip for me. CPAP is okay, though, if you have that.

2) Not a big partier. I definitely want you to have fun, but I’m not looking for a roommate who is going to be blasting in at 3am hammered and loud every night. 
Or who plans to take anything that will have him up for 3 days. This is not at all a judgment; I get that it’s party cruise! It’s just not what I want in a roommate.

3) Generally considerate. I want it to be someone who wants my trip to be as pleasant as I hope his is, too.  Being as quiet as possible if the other is sleeping, trying to keep the place livable, being
helpful to each other, etc. And my being that for you matters to me as well, so communicating kindly if I ever overstep.

4) Not turning the room into a bath house. Just kind of goes back to the general consideration thing and remembering that my belongings are in the room if you have a stranger
in there. But can I give you a little time if you meet someone you click with who doesn’t have a room you two can go to? Likely. Let’s talk.

5) Open to a lower end room rate. I’m open to anything from the cheapest rooms to the $1045 category.  If you want higher than that, that’s as much as I’d go halves on.

6) Not particularly looking to hang out with me. If we click and it happens sometimes, great. But my plan is to mostly be with my two friends.

7) Non-smoker of tobacco.  Sorry, I just really don’t like that smell; it stays on clothes and the person.  Cabin quarters are just too close.

A bit more about me:

  • Live in San Diego
  • 58 years old (photos were all taken in 2022 or 2023)
  • Two careers:   public speaking skills coach (www.PublicDynamics.com) and photoshop editor (www.FreshenYourPhoto.com)
  • 30+ years of doing improv comedy and other theater (in a troupe right now that improvises 75 minute musicals)
  • Enjoy a few cocķtails and maybe the occasional toke, but that’s about it for me and partying these days
  • Open to a phone call or Zoom to see if we’re compatible, after exchanging notes

If you’re interested after reading this, drop me a line with thoughts/questions by emailing me or Facebook Messenger .