Directions to our event at Camden Apartments

This event is at the Camden Apartments Complex in Hillcrest at 4325 3rd Ave San Diego, CA 92103
we’ve found that some GPS systems may tell you that you’ve arrived before you actually get to the Camden Apartments!
So please follow these instructions.

  1. GPS the address above to get yourself close.
  2. If your GPS gets you to the gated traffic circle shown in “Image A” below, great!  Skip step 3.
  3. If your GPS tells you that you’ve arrived but you’re in the middle of a block and not yet at the gated traffic circle,
    just continue north on 3rd Ave all the way to where it ends.  This WILL get you to the traffic circle, even if your GPS says you passed it.
  4. At the traffic circle, go to the gate on the left, shown below (ignore the fact that it says “Residents only”; it’s also for guests.)
  5. Enter the # symbol plus 5515 .
  6. When the gate opens, bear left and go straight as far as you can, then park anywhere except for spots with electric charging pumps.
  7. After parking, find us by walking through the appropriate building gate for this event, as shown in “Image B” below (same code#).
    • If it’s an outdoor event like a pool party, go to gate 1.
    • If it’s an indoor event, like a movie night, come through door 2 to get to the rec room.

IMPORTANT:  If you can’t find parking, backtrack out the gate, find street parking, and walk back by going through the gate again on foot.  Parking is usually pretty ample, but we can never predict for sure.

Image A:  The traffic circle:

Image B:  The Gate options:

Our thanks to our host Creg for helping make this event at Camden possible!