Greetings, CMG friend!  If you are reading this sentence, likely the event is still open for you!

Please click here to create a note to the host, telling him you’d like to come.  The subject line of that email will auto-default, but please replace the “XXXXXXX” in it with your full name and phone number.  You may add whatever you like to the body of the note, of course.

If you are RSVPing for two people, please send two emails so that he knows that the number of emails = the number of attendees.

NOTE:  It IS possible the event has already filled up; we have to manually update this page when the event fills up.
So please watch for an email response from the host to either:

1) confirm your attendance and give you more details or
2) to let you know that this page wasn’t turned off fast enough and we’re sorry not to be able to include you this time.

Hoping the event is still open for you and that we’ll see you soon!

































































Thank you for your interest.  We’re sorry to have to say that this event has filled up.  Hope to see you at another event soon!