Birthday Party 2024 (and info about Milo’s play)


Disco Dance party at:   “The Rail” (formerly “The Brass Rail”) 3796 Fifth Ave (at Robinson)

Our friend DJ Rob will be playing oldies, mostly 70s, maybe early 80s as the fun bar comes to life at this early hour for a “Tea Dance”.
Dance or not, it’s a fun, upbeat energy at the Rail and not too loud to enjoy coming as a big bunch to celebrate together.

RSVPs appreciated (mostly so we know who we don’t have to reach out to a second time to see who didn’t get the Evite), but if your plans change and you can suddenly come or can’t know til that day, this isn’t like some of our other parties where we really need a headcount (like a brunch).  Casual fun with those who can come!

Bonus points if you dress for disco, but don’t feel obliged.  The only thing you HAVE to put on…is your groove!  😉

Feel frée to bring whomever you like.  21+, of course, at The Rail.
$3 beers, $5 beer mini-pitchers, $5 well drinks.

We’re saying “til 7” but we’ll probably still be there til 8, if we’re not too worn out.

If you have questions, write me at .  And if you didn’t get the Evite but want to come, email me and I’ll add you to it so you can RSVP.

No gifts expected though birthday cards are always nice and Milo likely wouldn’t turn down a marguarita…!
Also if you haven’t heard yet about Milo’s play being produced in the San Diego Fringe Festival, read on…the perfect gift for Milo is coming to see the show one night if you can!

A two-act dramedy by Milo Shapiro


What’s the play about?  Ask the main character:   Hi, I’m Lucy.  Okay, sure, things haven’t been all-that-great with my husband, Jack, lately. Happily, I have some good news to come home with.  Not so happily, when I blurt out I’m pregnant again, in the same breath Jack interjects, “I want a divorce.”  Ummm…now what?

Jack, very much wanting to be a fully-invested Dad, suggests we save money by living together and “co-parenting” as friendly roommates.  Is he nuts?  I’m 39, still care for Jack, have the grandest, most self-absorbed mother in New York, my best-friend/cousin means well, but overshadows me with her successes, my attempts to write fall flat, I have a crush on someone I’ve never met, and suddenly my whole social life seems to be the other breast feeders from La Leche League! 

Can the two of us survive this co-parenting thing as we try to get on with our lives and even…dating?  Tune in for the hope, heartaches, and hilarity as yours truly, Jack, and my crazy family try to balance it all. 

It’s now in the SD Fringe Festival!:  In April of 2024, Wildsong contacted Milo to ask him if he might be able to create a one-act version of it for the San Diego Fringe Festival.  Milo originally said, “There’s just too much material there to shrink it further!”  But then, realizing that the two acts are quite distinct, he came back with an idea:  “What if we did the opening scenes and then the narrator version of Lucy caught the audience up on the main idea of Act I and we just move forward? 

It turned out to be quite doable and the one-act version was written, approved, and accepted into the Fringe!   Rehearsals are going well and it will be staged at the following times in 2024 with the following cast:

Sat May 18: 7-8:30pm
Sun May 19: 5:30-7pm
Wed May 22: 7-8:30pm
Fri May 24: 8:30-10pm
Sun May 26: 3:30-5pm

Note:  Milo will be at the just first three shows, due to long-ago-planned Memorial Day weekend plans.

Who’s In the Fringe cast?

Dani Guinn Lucy (at age 39)
Linda Levine Lucy (at age 62)
Kara Tuckfield Anjoli
Paul Costen Jack
David Lanni Numerous roles, esp. Alfie
Kelly Pocian Natalie, Diane
Caroline Witherspoon Numerous roles, esp. Eddie & Zoe


How do I GET tickets to see it at the Fringe?: 



Shown above:  Lucy in labor toward the end of Act I in our staged reading.

Copyright 2024, Milo Shapiro.  All rights reserved.